The latest documentary by Tomasz Wolski has been appreciated by the jurors of the Argentine FIDBA festival.

FIDBA International Documentary Film Festival Buenos Aires was created as an event which presents both films by new artists and those with considerable achievements. The organizers' goal is to present the audience with the most diverse repertoire. From documentaries that are completely independent and unknown to those that are highly praised and awarded.

This year, two Polish documentaries have been invited to the competition sections of the festival. In addition to the award-winning "An Ordinary Country" by Tomasz Wolski, the FIDBA audience had the chance to see "Family2" by Yifan Sun and "Long Day Tomorrow" by Paweł Wysoczański.

Controlled conversations, recording with hidden cameras, dirty records of interrogations and recruitment attempts as well as video tutorials for the officers of the security service – all of these materials are employed to portray the monitored life in Poland under communism. Sometimes grotesque, this picture is underpinned by horror, escalating intuitively with every minute. The dramatic culmination is when the Big Brother is not just watching but violating the intimacy of an ordinary citizen. Before us, there is a terrifying communist panopticon which keeps spying on and recording itself.

More information about the festival can be found here.