Stanisław Berbeka's documentary was recognized at the this year’s edition of the Slovak International Festival of the Mountain Films.

International Festival of the Mountain Films is one of the most recognizable festivals specializing in mountain topics. The competition never lacks titles about climbing, mountains, caves or competitive sports that can be practiced on the peaks. The organizers not only want to promote the mountains as a sport or recreation place, but also raise awareness and educate ecologically and socially.

This year's festival program includes the film "Dreamland". The film delighted the jurors and received the Best Mountaineering Film award. In Stanisław Berbeka's documentary, memories of the director's father - Maciej Berbek, come alive. Thanks to the accounts of expedition witnesses, memories of loved ones and archival recordings (film and sound), we are getting closer to the way of thinking of an outstanding Polish mountaineer and traveler. Among the stories about the family, Berbeka's values ​​and the most important expeditions, there is also the theme of a winter expedition to Broad Peak. On March 5, 2013, the hero of the film achieved his dream goal, but he died while trying to get off the summit.

More about the festival can be found here.