November is another festival-goers-friendly month. The most important events will take place on our continent, and of course their programs will include Polish documentaries. Be sure to check where and which Polish films will compete for the hearts of the audience and the attention of the jurors in November.

The DOCUTAH International Documentary Film Festival will take place in the United States, where you will be able to see Jan Chrobak's "Pilgrims of Divine Mercy". At the same time, the Rencontres Cine Montage will start in France and the Dutch Mountain Film Festival in the Netherlands. At both events, Marcin Podolec's "The Tough" will compete for the awards, and in the Dutch one, you will also be able to see "Wind. A Documentary thriller ” by Michał Bielawski.

In the second week of November, a brand new festival will start in Spain - Lhi. Julia Groszek's "Arabic Secret" was included in the competition. Romanian Anim'est will take place on a similar date. In the program "We Have One Heart" by Katarzyna Warzecha, which will also be shown at the Zinebi62 festival and in Leeds. You can read more about the latter event here.

"The Vibrant Village" from the Hungarian Verzio International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival will go straight to the German interfilm. Another edition of the EnergaCAMERIMAG festival will take place in Poland at a similar time. In the international competition, you will be able to see two Polish feature-length documentaries - "The Whale of Lorino" by Maciej Cuske and "Altered States of Consciousness" by Piotr Stasik. Their competitor will be the Polish co-production of "Bitter Love" by Jerzy Śladkowski. Maciej Cuske's film will also be shown during the Italian Dei Popoli and the Festival Film Documenter in Indonesia.

The second half of November is the moment when the next edition of the Oulu International Children's and Youth Film Festival will take place. During the Finnish event, viewers will see "19:91" by Emilia Śniegoska. Another important, if not the most important, point in the calendar of documentary fans is the IDFA holding company that started at that time. This year, the program includes several Polish films, more can be found here and here.

The last days of the month will belong to the French Poitiers Film Festival, where the "Halo Effect" by Patrycja Polskowska and the Greek Olympia International Film Festival for Children and Young People with the show "Family2" by Yifan Sun will compete for awards.

The full list of festival screenings can be found here.