IDFA Festival, held in Amsterdam, is one of the biggest film festivals for documentaries in the world. The festival is accompanied by one of the most important events for documentary film professionals – IDFA Industry.

IDFA Industry is a set of events dedicated to financing (IDFA Forum), sales and distribution (Docs for Sale Market), and also a lot of presentations and networking events aimed at searching international partners.

At this year’s IDFA Industry, which will be held online, Polish filmmakers will attend the industry events within a frame of Polish Docs Pro delegation, organized by the Krakow Film Foundation. One of the key event of Polish presence at IDFA will be the Polish Docs Pro Showcase – presenting the most interesting Polish creative documentary projects in progress. The presentation consist of project pitches developed at DOC LAB POLAND -  the biggest documentary programme in Poland, and which were previously presented at Docs to Start and Docs to Go! pitching sessions at KFF Industry.

The following projects will be presented:

Escape to the Silver Globe by Kuba Mikurda, prod. Daria Maślona (Silver Frame)

The Daughter of Fuji by Eri Mizutani, prod. Anna Fam (Polished Productions)

I Am One Of Them by Nadim Suleiman, prod. Jacek Bławut, Luiza Pietrzak (Palmyra Films)

Until the Wedding by Daniel Stopa, prod. Małgorzata Staroń, Joanna Tatko (Staron Film)

After the live streaming on Friday, November 20th at 17.00, the session will be followed by the round tables with the decision makers. the session will be available to watch in the Talks Library until November 27. Please find the details at www here.

Moreover, at IDFA Forum another project „Lili” by Sylwia Rosak will be presented and in Docs For Sale Market videolibrary the industry guests will have chance to watch ten interesting Polish documentary films as a part of the Polish Docs programme, including the films from the IDFA official selection:

A Little Bit of Paradise by Andrzej Cichocki (IDFA Short Documentary Competition)

Hello Grandma by Kamila Chojnacka (IDFA Student Documentary Competition)

An Ordinary Country byTomasz Wolski (IDFA Best of Fests)

Bitter Love by Jerzy Śladkowski (IDFA Masters)

The Butterfly’s Dream by Jarosław Szmidt

Altered States of Conciousness by Piotr Stasik

Tell Me More by  Martyna Peszko

Dad You’ve Never Had by Dominika Łapka

xABo. Father Boniecki by Aleksandra Potoczek

Last Knights of the Right Side by Michał Edelman

We Have One Heart by  Katarzyna Warzecha

Papa by Maryia Yakimovich

You can download the catalogue with the projects from here

And the information about Polish films at IDFA from here


Polish Docs PRO is an initiative launched by the Krakow Film Foundation, the aim of which is to continue and to develop the activities initiated within the frames of the project Polish Docs in 2006. The project Polish Docs PRO focuses primarily on a wide promotion of Polish documentary film industry at international events addressed to film professionals. It supports film-makers and producers in developing their projects by facilitating access to the markets abroad, co-coordinating the trips of delegations to the pitching forums and co-production markets, organising the presentations of projects, production models and co-production opportunities with Poland, organising networking meetings, participation in lectures, panel discussions, workshops and training sessions. The aim of the Polish Docs PRO is to establish the brand of Polish documentary film in the international film environment and to develop international co-operation.

The project is substantively coordinated by the Krakow Film Foundation in co-operation with Doc Lab Poland and is implemented with the financial support of the Polish Film Institute, and the Krakow Festival Office.