Marcin Polar was recognised as best director and documentary film directed by Eliza Kubarski won best mountaineering film award at this year’s edition of the Bilbao Mendi Film Festival.

Bilbao Mendi Film Festival was created as an event for enthusiasts of cinema focusing on mountains and adventure. Its program includes films from all over the world. There is also an abundance of workshops, meetings with directors and film protagonists who share stories about their exploits. The organisers have been set on creating a space for exchanging thoughts and experiences. 

During this year’s edition, the award for best director went to Marcin Polar, the director of the award-winning documentary “The Tough”. The eponymous “Tough” is associated with many meanings: defiant, malicious, resistant, relentless, strong, enduring, cool, hard. There is a reason why the film’s protagonist has given this name to his discovery – the place which keeps challenging him and whose traits he can experience first-hand. It stirs his imagination and drives him forward in a primal and obsessive manner.  The camera accompanies him every step of the way, participates in exploring spaces previously unknown to man, which keep pushing away delicate human flesh with an ever-increasing tenacity.

In turn, "To be a Woman in the Himalayas" directed by Eliza Kubarska won Best Mountaineering Film Award.

More information about the festival is available here.