The film by Paweł Dyllus has been considered the best student production during this year's edition of the International Festival of Film Schools Kinoproba.

International Festival of Film Schools Kinoproba has been held in Yekaterinburg for 17 years. What is unique about the Russian festival are not just the screenings or competitions, but also the workshops – treated with equal importance as the screenings. “Kinoproba” is also a platform for sharing experiences between young filmmakers, film and art schools, and the older generation of directors, who are invited to hold their masterclasses. Its programme includes the latest short films, both competition and non-competition segments, as well as world cinema classics, films for children, animated films, and experimental works.

This year, one of the awards went to Paweł Dyllus’s film. The documentary “Weirdy” was named best student film of the festival. It portrays an outstanding Polish photographer and director who is shooting his new film after a long break. An interesting relationship starts developing between him and his cameraman – Paweł. Paweł takes advantage of the situation and decides to make a film about Dziworski. The result is an intriguing film story. During their travels, Paweł watches Dziworski and tries to explore between his protagonist’s passion and everyday life.

More information about the festival is available here.