Marcin Polar's documentary has just received another award. The film won the Spiegel Best Newcomer award at the Dutch Mountain Film Festival.

Dutch Mountain Film Festival is an eight-day event, during which over 40 films on mountain subjects were presented this year: fiction, documentaries, reportages and artistic impressions. The Dutch festival belongs to the International Alliance of Mountain Film, an organization promoting mountain cinematography.

The winning film by Marcin Polar is a story about the title cave. The Tough carries many meanings: defiant, malicious, resistant, unbending, strong, durable, cool, hard. There is a reason why the film's protagonist called his discovery like this - a place that he faces and which he can feel all these features tangibly and literally on his own skin. It stimulates his imagination and drives him forward in a crude and obsessive way. The camera with him, step by step, participates in the exploration of previously unknown spaces, which increasingly resist the delicate human matter. The protagonist of the film is Jarosław Surmacz, one of the discoverers of the Harda Cave in the Tatra Mountains.

More information can be found on the festival's website.