Julia Pełka's short documentary was appreciated by the Jury of the American Annual Imagine Science Film Festival.

The Annual Imagine Science Film Festival was founded in 2008 by genetics and director Alexis Gambis from Rockefeller University. The festival was conceived as an event aimed at connecting two worlds - science and cinema. Although the event takes place every year in New York, some time ago it has had smaller initiatives organized in various cities around the world, incl. in Abu Dhabi, Singapore, Berlin, Chicago, Dublin, Hong Kong, Athens, San Francisco, Oslo and even in Warsaw.

The winning "Fat Kathy" could be seen in the In Vivo competition section. Julia Pełka's film follows the story of the eponymous water pump in which there are 8 super-sensitive clams connected to computers. The lives of millions of people living in the city depend on them. The only scientist in Poland - a malacologist makes sure that the individuals selected for the system work properly and generate an alarm in the event of water contamination.

A list of all laureates can be found here.