We have already met the winners of this year's Pärnu Film Festival. Marcin Polar's documentary was the winning film in the Between Life and Death competition.

Pärnu Film Festival. it is the oldest such event in the Baltic States. The festival includes as many as five competitions: Estonian films, documentaries for children, art, music, and an international film competition.

In the program of this year's edition of the festival, we could find as many as five Polish productions. Apart from the award-winning "The Tough", Mariusz Rusiński's "Julia By The Sea", "Weirdy" by Paweł Dyllus, "Fuck, it's biology" by Veronika Andersson and "The Vibrant Village" by Weronika Jurkiewicz competed for the awards.

Marcin Polar's winning documentary takes place in the title cave. The Tough carries many meanings: defiant, malicious, resistant, unbending, strong, enduring, cool, hard. It is not without reason that the film's protagonist called his discovery like this - a place that he faces and which he can feel all these features tangibly and literally on his own skin. It stimulates his imagination and drives him forward in a crude and obsessive way. The camera is with him at every step, participating in the exploration of previously unknown spaces, which increasingly resist the delicate human matter.

More information about the festival can be found here.