Eliza Kubarska's new documentary delighted the jurors of the Norwegian Bergen International Film Festival. The production won in the Documentaire Extraordinaire competition section.

Bergen International Film Festival was established in 2000, when the city of Bergen was the European Capital of Culture. The event takes place annually in October and is one of the largest festivals in Norway. The program includes the most interesting documentaries from around the world. This year's edition of the festival will last until October 18.

The winning "The Wall of Shadows" directed by Eliza Kubarska focuses on the life of the Sherpas. The protagonists of the documentary are Nepalese porters who break the taboo by taking part in the Himalayan expedition to Kumbhakarna, the sacred mountain of Sherpas. Only in this way can they can earn money for their son's school and save him from dangerous work in the mountains. Outstanding mountaineers take part in the expedition to one of the most difficult mountains in the world, reaching almost 8,000 meters. The Sacred Mountain confronts Sherpas and climbers in the same ruthless way.

The list of this year's winners can be found here.