The documentary by Hanna Polak and Aleksandra Skowron was recognized as the best documentary at the American Delco Film Festival.

Delco Film Festival is an annual event for lovers of independent cinema held in Pennsylvania. Everyone will find something for themselves in the festival program, from documentaries to fictional films, short and long films. Apart from film screenings, there were usually also various types of workshops and meetings.

This year, Polish production was also invited to participate in the documentary competition. The film "Underage Engineers", directed by Hanna Polak and Aleksandra Skowron, was so popular that it was recognized as the best documentary of the festival.

"Underage Engineers" - is an observational documentary showing what will happen when 12-14-year-olds from a small Polish city find a charismatic teacher and will be inspired by the engineers working on the Polish satellite PW-Sat2. It is a humorous and reflective record of over two years of teenager’s life at the age when they are most transformed. A film that can be a sentimental journey for the viewer into the times when they were at that age themselves. A story about discovering passions and how meeting the right people on our way can change your life. "Underage Engineers" showcase a unique situation and contact that the students make with the serious world of science and engineering at the moment when they open up to the world, knowledge and begin to change their interests.

This year's edition of the festival was held online.