Summer is at its peak, and at the festivals, it is slowly getting hotter. This month, Polish documentary films will be shown, among others, at the EBS in South Korea and at the Madedox in Macedonia. Let's see where else you can watch Polish productions.

In August, many festivals are held in the Balkans and that is why it is in this region where it is worthwhile to search for the screenings of Polish documentary films. In Greece, at the West Side Mountains Doc Fest, "Dust" by Jakub Radej will be shown, whereas, at the DokuFest Kosovo in Kosovo, the audience will watch "Horse Riders" by Anna Gawlita. In turn, in Macedonia at the MakeDox, four Polish documentary films will appear: "Horse Riders," "Connected" by Aleksandra Maciejczyk, "Dancing For You" by Katarzyna Lesisz and "Unconditional Love" by Rafał Łysak.

The documentary film "Connected" is also invited to the Cervino Cinemountain Film Festival in Italy. Two Polish documentary films will feature in Denmark at the Odense Film Festival. These are "American Dream" by Marek Skrzecz and "The Tough" by Marcin Polar. "The Tough" will also appear at the Rooftop Film Festival in the USA.

In Asia, at the festival EBS in South Korea, you can watch "Dancing For You" and "Sisters" by Michał Hytroś. The documentary film by Michał Hytroś is also included in the programme of the SHOTS: International Independent Short Film Festival in Slovenia and at the 9th International Film Schools Festival in Uruguay. In South America, the audience will have a chance to watch "Shooting Stars" by Magda Jaroszewicz, which will be shown at the Sao Paolo Short Film Festival in Brazil.

The up-to-date list of festival screenings is available here.