This weekend, the winners of the CILECT award were announced. These are awards for the films produced at film schools.

The International Association of Film and Television Schools (CILECT) us the in 1954 in Cannes, France. In 2018,  the members of the CILECT included over 180 audiovisual educational institutions from 65 countries on 6 continents, employing a total of over 10 000 teachers and other employees who train over 60 000 students every year. 

This year, films from 136 schools from all around the world were submitted for the awards organised by the CILECT. Among the selected and later awarded films, there is the film "Sisters" by Michał Hytroś - the film won the best documentary film award.

Behind a huge, 800-year-old wall, in the oldest enclosed nunnery in Poland - the Benedictine nunnery in Staniątki near Krakow -  the lives of 12 nuns are going on, the average age of whom is 70. Despite their old age and the world outside the wall, changing at a mad pace, every day they try to subordinate their lives to the rule "ORA et LABORA," invented over 10 centuries ago. Our protagonists, the sisters Anuncjata and Benedykta (40 years in the nunnery), with their characteristic charm, introduce us to the world behind the wall, telling us about their lives and the decisions which they made. They show us the world of the convent with all its shades, totally devoid of stereotypes, often touching and amusing at the same time. This is a film about silence told in a particularly loud way.

You can read more about the awards here.