On the 3rd of September starts the new edition of the Baltic Sea Docs, which lasts until the 7th of September. Three Polish projects qualified for participation in the forum.

The Baltic Sea Docs is a pitching session with workshops and film screenings. The forum is dedicated to films from Baltic countries and to films produced in other countries, which are connected to the Baltic region through their subject matter. This year's event is scheduled for 3-7 September in Riga.

The organisers have announced the list of film projects, which are qualified for the participation in the forum. There are 3 Polish productions or co-productions among them.

Unpaved, Poland, produced by Salton Sea Films / Malgorzata Kozioł, Mikael Lypinski, directed by Mikael Lypinski

Rebbellion, Ukraine, Germany Poland, produced by Phalanstery Films / Illia Gladshtein, directed by Keren Chernizon 

No Elephant in the Room, Poland, Romania, produced by SQUARE film studio ltd, Triba Film / Magdalena Borowiec, directed by Clara Kleininger

Distributors, sales agents and representatives of television stations will take part in the Baltic Sea Docs.

You can read more about the Baltic Sea Docs here.