On the 13th of July ended the Romanian Buzau International Film Festival. One of the festival awards went to the film "The Dragon Spring" by Jarosław Wszędobył.

This year, the fourth edition of the Buzau International Film Festival was held. When the results of the festival competitions were announced, the film "The Dragon Spring" by Jarosław Wszędobył was successful, as it was chosen the best film of the festival and won the Trofeul Real BUZZ award.

"The Dragon Spring" is a film about passion and the struggle against adversities. The main protagonist of the film, 25-year-old Paweł dreams about becoming the trainer of Arsenal Football Club one day. However, it is a distant future. For now, there is a brutal reality instead of dreams. As a beginner trainer in Poland, where the story is set, Paweł has nothing in common with the fame of Arsenal F.C. On the contrary, his first independent work which he manages to find is to train the Brwinów Red Dragons, the worst football team in the whole country.

You can find more information about the festival here.