Monika Proba's film was named best short film of the IceDocs Documentary Film Festival in Iceland.

IceDocs is an event organized in the small industrial town of Arkanes near Rejkiavik. The core of the program consists of two international documentary film competitions – short and feature-length.

It was in the first one that Light Years was presented. The film directed by Monika Proba delighted the jury, which recognised it as the competition's best production.

The main character of the documentary is Vitali, who has dreamed of becoming a clergyman since childhood. However, by the time he graduates from the Orthodox seminary, he does not yet feel ready to give himself fully to his vocation. He spends his free time with his beloved grandmother and a friend with whom he shares a small flat. Between two small rooms, among books and icons, the friends spend their days and nights singing and endlessly discussing, building their own world, which Vitali finds increasingly difficult to leave.

You can find out more about the festival here.