The Special Jury Award at the RojaL Film Festival went to Mariusz Biernacki's short documentary.

RojaL Film Festival is an event whose main aim is to make sure that the film and art industry has a chance to develop not only in Riga itself, but also in less obvious places – e.g. at the beach. For several years, the festival has sought to promote interesting films from the region, but also from less known corners of the world. 

One of the films presented in the competition was a short documentary by Mariusz Biernacki.

Bread, soup and tea - the staple meal distributed by Robert, Witek and Adam, enables the most needy residents of Łódź to survive the winter. For the residents of the homeless shelter, the evening drives provide an opportunity to get together and escape the shelter's monotony. Stopover is a story about people trying to find a bit of warmth in the rough, cold, and brutal world of those living on the margins of society. They are trying to change their lives for the better, like we all do.

You can learn more about the festival from its official website.