This month is dominated by fiction film festivals, which isn't to say that documentaries won't be appearing anywhere. A bunch will visit Italy, France, the US, and even Australia and Hong Kong. You can find more information in the article.

The Hamlet Syndrome by Elwira Niewiera and Piotr Rosłowski is travelling to the US for the Greenpoint Film Festival at the beginning of August before heading to Screening at Goethe-Institut in Hong Kong a few days later. 

The 71st edition of the Melbourne International Film Festival kicks off at the beginning of the month. One of the competitions there is going to feature Fledglings by Lidia Duda. 

The Interaction Festival will take place in Serbia in the second half of August. Monika Proba's Light Years have been invited to its competition. In Italy, on the other hand, you will get to see Uncle Vakho's Dream by Joanna Rój the Concorto Film Festival. The short documentary will also visit the Silhouette Film Festival in France. 

Also in France – but at Festival Camp4 – the audience is going to be treated to a screening of The Way by Wojtek Kozakiewicz. 

At the end of August/early September, the Oslo Short Film Festival will take place, where audiences and judges will see Andrzej Cichocki's A Little Bit of Paradise.

The current list of festival screenings can be found here.