The Polish-Swedish Cecilia's Project by Edward Porembny, polish-ukrainian Divia by Dmytro Hreshko, Ant-hill by Katarzyna Kultys, polish-georgian The First Swallow by Joanna Roj and Sandro Wysocki and the Finnish-Polish Once We Were Heroes by Olivia Tonteri are the titles of documentary projects invited to this year's edition of Industry Balict Sea Docs.

Baltic Sea Docs is a pitching session combined with workshops and film screenings. The forum is intended for films from the Baltic countries and for those produced in other countries but related to the Baltic region through their subject matter. This year, the event is scheduled for 5–10 September in Riga.

The organisers have announced the list of projects that qualified to participate in the forum. It includes three Polish productions.

Cecilia's ProjectPoland/Sweden

Dir. Edward Porembny, prod. Edward Porembny, Magnus Paulsson, AMP Polska Edward Porembny/Solid Entertainment AB


Dir. Katarzyna Kultys, prod. Adam Ślesicki, FILM FRAME

Once We Were HeroesFinland, Poland

Dir. Oliwia Tonteri, prod. Aino Halonen, Kamil Skałkowski, prod. studios Kompot Ltd/Kalejdoskop Film

Divia, Ukraine, Poland

Dir. Dmytro Hreshko | prod. Polina Herman, Glib Lukianets, UP UA STUDIO, Gogol Film

The First Swallow, Georgia, Poland

Reż. Joanna Roj, Sandro Wysocki, prod. Glib Lukianets, Gogol Film

The Coming Soon session included a Polish project by Edyta Wróblewska - "When Harmattan Blows" (prod. SK Film Studio).

A list of all qualified projects can be found here.