The documentary by Maciej Miller was named best short film at the Annual Pärnu International Documentary and Anthropology Film Festival in Estonia.

The Pärnu Filmifestival in Tallinn is one of the oldest film events in the Baltics. Since its inception, the survival of indigenous peoples and their cultures has been an important theme of the event, with audio-visual interpretations of contemporary society, portraits of fascinating people and human relationships, and films dedicated to music and the arts.

Magda is the protagonist of Tell Me My Story. The girl was abandoned in hospital as an infant and has never met her biological mother. The lack of a sense of place and identity prevent her from living a normal life. The girl wants to solve the mystery and find out who she really is. She feels that the truth can liberate her and help her cope with this burden. She embarks on an emotional journey to finally find herself.

More information about the festival and the list of winners can be found here.