After festival successes in Poland, the short documentary film "And We'll Be Happy Again" from the Warsaw Film School will be presented at one of the most important documentary film festivals, the 17th DOC LISBOA.

Bold, unusual and moving picture of family life. After the death of their mother, adolescent children lose not only their closest person, but also the sense of stability and safety. They are together for good and for ill, though their lives will never be the same as before. The director shares with the audience the painful and intimate story of his family.

The screening of the film will be held in Lisbon on the 21st of October. "And We'll Be Happy Again" participates in the Competition within the frames of the section Green Years, dedicated to the young cinema from all over Europe. 

So far, the film by Krzysztof Wołżański won, among others, the extra-statutory prize for the youngest film-maker qualified for the International Short Film Competition at the 13th  Film and Art Festival Two Riversides and it was presented in the Polish Competition at the 59th Krakow Film Festival. 

In Krakow, the film received very good reviews – this is how Krzysztof Spór (sporwkinie) wrote about it: "Krzysztof Wołżański presents the painful and sincere family problems, with which he himself and his relatives struggle with. The author offered us a short film meeting, in a form known previously to the viewers for instance from "Such a Nice Boy I Gave Birth to" by Marcin Koszałka or "Tarnation" by Jonathan Caouette. These are private family recordings which deeply touch the personal issues, often very painful and sad ones (...). Wołżański lays bare the suffering of the person closest to him, he clearly misses her and you can feel this love on the screen (...). It is here and now, the pain and the destruction, the memory and the suffering. You can feel and see all of it on the screen, and I respect the great ability to navigate in such a delicate and personal area. I respect this kind of cinema, I believe the author, and thanks to the film, I can feel the closeness of this world. It is a bold film, even though it hurts!"

"A shocking film - deeply personal, which splits open the deepest wounds, and at the same time, emotionally subdued and sometimes even contemplative. A love letter to the recently deceased mother, and a universal and touching analysis of the meanders of everyday life. In the short documentary, Wołżański managed to capture two extremities: bottomless love and cosmic hate - and only by recording a few weeks of his family's life (...). "And We'll Be Happy Again" is an emotional rollercoaster, perfectly composed and extremely sincere as far as the form is concerned. " - this, in turn, is the opinion about "We'll Be Happy Again" by Michał Piepiórka (bliżejekranu.pl).