We already know the list of all projects which will participate in this year's Lisbon Docs, the international co-production forum which is held in October in the capital city of Portugal.

The Lisbon Docs is one of the most important programmes made by the European Documentary Network, focusing on supporting interesting documentary film projects which will be later presented to the international audience.

This year, the Lisbon Docs is held for the 20th time. The organisers selected 22 international projects which will be developed in co-operation with experienced tutors. At a later stage, the projects will be presented during pitching to the decision-makers from the documentary film industry. The participants of the forum will also have a chance to get acquainted with the important representatives of distribution companies. 

Among the aforementioned 22 projects, there is one from Poland. "Nanga Dream," directed by Jarosław Wszędybył is a project of tthe he feature-length story about friendship, searching for freedom and about big dream. This is a=unique story of Tomek Mackiewicz and Marek Klonowski. who despite all restrictions, decided to make a history and reached Nanga Parbal in winter.

"Nanga Dream" received funding as part of the development of Polish Film Institute. The project is created in cooperation with Marek Klonowski. The screenwriter and director is Jarosław Wszędybył, the producer is Karolina Śmigiel. The main producer is Uni-Solo Studio

The list of all qualified projects can be found here.

Ph. Marek Klonowski