During this year's edition of the Film Festival Cologne, the second edition of the European Work in Progress was held. One of the awards for the best pitch went to the producer of the documentary film "Grace."

The European Work in Progress (EWIP) is an independent industry event, addressed to producers and distributors from Germany and the rest of Europe, held in October during the festival in Cologne. The organisers of the EWIP focus on high-quality films which have sales potential. The event involves projects which are at the production stage.

Even though the EWIP promotes primarily feature films, one of the awards went to the hands of a documentary film producer. This award-winning film is "Grace," directed by Eri Mizutani. Its producer Anna Fam delivered the best pitch, which was appreciated, among others, by Lili Hinstin  (creative director of the festival in Locarno), Sabina Kodra (producer) and Yohanna Comte (sales agent). 

"Grace" will tell the story of a teacher of the dance ichigon no mai. The holy rite is danced by the selected virgins in order to appease the Mount Fiji. The protagonist, as Anna Fam mentions, is a model example of a contemporary heroine.  The documentary film is a Polish-Finnish co-production.

The award, which will be used for the sound post-production in the film "Grace," amounting to 10 thousand Euro, was founded by Michael Kaczmarek from K13 Studios Berlin GmbH. 

This year's edition of the EWIP was held from the 14th to the 16th of October.

You can read more information about the event on its official website.