The latest documentary by Lidia Duda has been invited to the main competition of the International Documentary Film Festival in Thessaloniki. It will be the film’s world premiere.

The Thessaloniki Documentary Festival was established in 1991 as an international event dedicated to documentary cinema. The organisers’ main goal is to present and promote the most important documentary productions. Debates and presentations on new technologies and the future of the documentary industry are of equal importance. The industry section is an integral part of the event. The festival is held under the patronage of the Greek Ministry of Culture. 

Lidia Duda's Forest focuses on Joasia and Marek. After graduating, they bought an old house in Białowieża – Europe’s oldest forest – right next to Poland's eastern border. It’s their little paradise – a place for their children to grow up far away from the troubles of the modern world. For Marysia, Ignacy, and Franek the forest is like a second home – familiar and safe. But one day their forest changes. Strangers show up. Outsiders… refugees. Unwanted both in Poland and in Belarus. Against the law, the family starts helping them. You can’t leave other human beings without help, can you? The children’s world changes drastically. They no longer play knights and princesses, but refugees and border patrols. Big politics knocks at their door, and nothing is the same as it was before. 

The entire program of the festival can be found here.