The list of projects qualified for this year's edition of CPH: FORUM has been announced. Language X, a Polish-German co-production by Tanya Haurylchyk, and Magda Grudniewska's Lessons of Chemistry are among the selected submissions.

Held in Copenhagen, CPH: FORUM is an event that accompanies the CPH: DOX festival.  Every year, a total of approximately 40 projects are accepted in several categories, with this year's categories being: Art, Cinema, F:Act, Fictiononfiction, Science, and CPH:WIP.

CHP: FORUM is frequented by not only documentary and fiction film creators, but also journalists, activists, and visual artists searching for financial backing and partners on the international market. Every production company can submit a maximum of two projects in development or at an early stage of production.

The Polish-German project Language X by Tanya Haurylchyk tells the story of a young couple who decides that their child is going to be the only student in its class for 9 years. It's the price they have to pay for choosing Belarusian instead of Russian as a language.  Their decision leads to several unpleasant consequences. The film is produced by Skaryna Foundation.

In contrast, not much is known about Lessons of Chemistry by Magda Grudniewska. EE Productions is the film's producer.

The list of all selected projects can be found here.