The documentary project On the Way by Natalia Dołgowska was invited to VdR-Pitching.

Visions du Reél has been organised in the Swiss city of Nyon since 1969. In its early days, it mainly featured Swiss films and productions from the Eastern Bloc, as they were very difficult for Western European audiences to see. Today, Visions du Reél is one of the largest documentary film festivals in Europe.

This year's edition will be held on 12-21 April.

VdR-Pitching enables documentary producers to present their projects in front of a group of film professionals, including commissioning editors, distributors, or co-producers. Each year, around 18 feature-length documentary projects take part in the pitching session, which should be produced with a view to theatrical and international distribution.

The upcoming On the Way, directed by Natalia Dołgowska, is a documentary exploring the tourist side of the Tatra Mountains. Every day, thousands of tourists stroll along the same narrow path, as if on a pilgrimage. It's an opera on mass tourism and nature in the face of climate change. The film is produced by Kijora.

The list of all invited projects can be found here.