Natalia Pietsch and Grzegorz Piekarski's "Hasan's Joy" and Weronika Mliczewska's "Child of Dust" are two Polish projects that have been invited to this year's edition of the dok.incubator workshops.

DOK.Incubator is an intensive six-month international workshop focusing on editing, marketing, and distribution. The workshops are divided into three week-long sessions: the first will take place at the end of April in the Slovakia, the next in June in Czech Republic, and the last in September at IDFA, Amsterdam.

In the documentary Hasan's Joy by Natalia Pietsch and Grzegorz Piekarski, we observe Hasankeyf transforming from a rock-cut town of shepherds into a modern residential community with single-family homes. The old town was flooded as part of the construction of a dam on the Tigris River. The families of the protagonists, Kurdish shepherd Rengin and Arab barber Burak, are forced to change their way of life. Is it possible to design happiness for them?

Sang, the protagonist of Weronika Mliczewska's Child of Dust is one of the 300,000 unwanted, discriminated children left behind after the war in Vietnam. When his lifelong dream of finding his father comes true, Sang's only mission is to meet him to break the cycle of war trauma passed down from generation to generation. After numerous challenges, he finally meets his father, but he must leave his wife, daughter, and beloved grandson behind. Will Sang and his father find peace?

The list of all qualified projects can be found here.