The project Riding with Ghosts by Piotr Małecki and Maciej Nabrdalik will be presented at this year's Ji.Hlava New Visions Forum.

Ji.Hlava New Visions Forum&Market is a special trade fair and forum organised on the occasion of the 25th edition of the Ji.Hlava festival. This event aims to support new European documentary productions in their diversity and creativity.

A pitch session will be held during the Ji.Hlava New Visions Forum where only 14 select projects from Europe will be presented. Seven are still in development while the rest are in production or even post-production. Among the selected projects there is one from Poland. It's the documentary by Piotr Małecki and Maciej Nabrdalik. Riding with Ghosts is produced by Joanna Tatko and the director himself – Piotr Małecki.

Bosnia, Chechnya, Iraq, Afghanistan. It was there that the famous American war photographer travelled. After years spent at the frontlines, amidst violence and evil, he tries to find peace and a sense of life at home, among his loved ones. However, the demons of the past won't let him find peace.

A list of all qualified projects can be found here.