Festivals are coming back to life in March. More events are taking place, which also means more screenings of Polish documentaries. Check out which major international film events are going to feature Polish films thos month.

The start of the month takes us to the Greek city of Thessaloniki. We wrote about the screenings of our films at the Thessaloniki International Documentary Festival here. In the first days of March, Polish documentaries will also travel to the RAI Film Festival in the UK, where The Soil by Zuzanna Solakiewicz has been invited to compete, the European Film Festival in Vannes, France with screenings of The Balcony Movie by Paweł Łoziński and Charcoal Burners by Piotr Złotorowicz, and the Spello International Short Film Festival in Italy with Julia Pełka's Fat Kathy in its program. 

The Ismailia International Film Festival for Documentaries and Short Films opens in the second half of March. The Egyptian festival will include The Voice by Dominika Montean-Pańków and 30 Years of Excuses by Armand Urbaniak. In turn, during the Evropa Film Akt / Festival L'Europe autour de l'Europe Paris, the audience will see Kacper Lisowski's Judges Under Pressure. Polish films are also going to be present at CPH:DOX, as we've already reported here.

The Balcony Movie will go to Austria for Screening at Stadkino Wien and to the US for the CMU International Film Festival. After Denmark's CPH:DOX, there will be several screenings and award prospects for The Hamlet Syndrome. Elwira Niewiera and Piotr Rosołowski's documentary has been invited to Moldova for the Ukraine Month in Europe, to Croatia's ZagrebDox – International Documentary Film Festival, Romania's One World Romania International Human Rights & Documentary Film Festival, the Millenium Film Festival in Belgium, and the Hong Kong International Film Festival. The latter festival will also feature Fledglings by Lidia Duda and Calls by Ming Wei-Chiang. 

A screening of Boylesque in Lithuania will also take place in March. Bogna Kowalczyk's documentary has been invited to the program of the Vilnius International Film Festival Kino Pavasaris. Backstage by Ada Smyk will be presented at the Festival International MUSIC & CINEMA Marseille, and Fat Kathy will be screened at Go Short – International Short Film Festival Nijmegen.

The current list of festival screenings can be found here.