This month is going to be a little slower in the film business, but it doesn't mean a complete standstill. Our documentaries will be screened at festivals in North America and Europe.

The Balcony Movie by Paweł Łoziński is once again going to visit the United States. This time the documentary is up for awards at the Frozen River Film Festival. The audience of another US-based festival will get to see the latest documentary by Elwira Niewiera and Piotr Rosołowski. The Hamlet Syndrome will be judged at the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival. Later, the film will travel to Ireland for the Dublin International Film Festival.

The Junction North Documentary Festival begins in Canada in the second half of February. One of its segments is going to feature Boylesque by Bogna Kowalczyk. In Spain, the Pirineos Mountain Film Festival starts at a similar time, and Marcin Polar's The Tough has been invited to its competition.

The Berlinale also takes place in February. The program features two Polish productions. We wrote more about it here and here.

Close to the end of the month, Ada Smyk is going to visit our western neighbours with her documentary short Backstage. The production will be screened in-competition at the Kontrast Filmfest.

The current list of festival screenings is available here.