Good news has come from our southern neighbours. Polish productions and co-productions received numerous awards at this year's East Doc Platform.

East Doc Platform is an industry event devoted to documentary filmmaking – organised by the Institute of Documentary Film in Prague and accompanying the One World International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival. The 10th edition was held online from the 6th to 17th March 2021. 

This year, productions and co-productions from Poland have qualified for events happening as part of East Doc Platform. Only 10 projects were featured in the East Doc Forum segment, including three from Poland – Expedition 49” by Alisa Kovalenko, “Waitersgate” by Konrad Szołajski, and the award-winning “The Trans Syrian Express by Alina Rudnitskaya. The co-production won two awards – Sunny Side of the Doc Prize and the DocsBarcelona Award.

Another Polish project awarded during the event is Katarzyna Wiśniewska's “One for the Team”, produced by Tomasz Morawski and Marcin Kupiecki from HAKA Films. The project received the DAE Encouragement Prize.

In turn, two more Polish project were featured in the East Doc Market: “Workcenter” by Aniela Astrid Gabryel and “The Ultimate Joker” by Krzysztof Dzieciołowski.

A complete list of all winning films can be found here.