The Swiss festival Visions du Reél seems to be exceptionally lucky for Tomasz Wolski. Having its premiere screening held there, the documentary has just been awarded ex aequo with the Special Jury Award.

Visions du Reél festival has been organised in the Swiss city of Nyon since 1969. In its early days, it mainly featured Swiss films and productions from the Eastern Bloc, as they were very difficult for Western European audiences to see. Today, Visions du Reél is one of the largest documentary film festivals in Europe. The program of this year's hybrid edition includes 142 productions from 58 countries. 

A film by Tomasz Wolski has been invited to this year's program once again. The award-winning documentary is set in the eponymous 1970, when a series of high-profile protests breaks out in communist Poland. A crisis team is being gathered in the capital. Police batons are being put to use. Shots are fired. Through archival recordings and animations, we get to see the backroom mechanisms of power. “1970” is a story of rebellion told from the oppressors' point of view.

A list of all awarded films can be found here.