Against all appearances, October is a very busy festival month. In the near future, there will be, among others, the CinEast - the Central and Eastern European Film Festival, the DocsMX, the Riga International Film Festival and the dokumentART. The Polish documentary film is invited to each of these festivals. Check out where and which films will have a chance to conquer the hearts of the audience and the jurors this month.

The first weekend of October brings two competition screenings of Polish documentary films. "Sisters" by Michał Hytroś are invited to Belgium for the International Short Film Festival Kalmthout’, and "Fuck, it's biology"  by Veronika Andersson will be shown to the audience at the American Bushwick Film Festival.  At the same time, in Azerbaijan starts DokuBaku with screening "The Symphony of the Ursus Factory". by Jaśmina Wójcik and "Shooting stars" by Magda Jaroszewicz.  Also in Luxembourg begins the CinEast - the Central and Eastern European Film Festival. The programme includes "The Briefing" by Filip Drzewiecki, "Dancing For You" by Katarzyna Lesisz and "Connected" by Aleksandra Maciejczyk. The viewers of the Cambridge Film Fest will also see the last of the aforementioned films.

A week later, in Lithuania starts the 13th edition of the Inconvenient Films Festival. In one of the competition sections, there is the documentary film "In Touch" by Paweł Ziemilski, and "In A Lion" by Karol Lindholm will have its non-competing screening. In turn, in Germany in the programme of the Film Festival Cologne, you can watch "Horse Riders" by Anna Gawlita. And overseas at the DocsMX the films "The Wind. A Documentary Thriller" by Michał Bielawski, "Strip and War" by Andrei Kutsila, and"Newborn" by Lidia Duda will be presented in competitions.

As many as four Polish documentary films are invited to the programme of the French Un Festival C'est Trop Court. The jurors will evaluate "The Briefing" by Filip Drzewiecki, "19:91" by Emilia Śniegowska and "Unconditional Love" by Rafał Łysak. "The Last Lesson" by Grzegorz Zariczny will have its screening there, too.

Straight from Lithuania, the documentary by Paweł Ziemilski will go to the Romanian Astra Film Festival. "In Touch"  as well as "Strip and war" by Andrei Kutsila, also has a chance to win awards at the Riga International Film Festival. In the capital of Latvia, we will also watch "The Tough" by Marcin Polar.  The film about the eponymous cave in the Tatra Mountains will be shown in far-away Japan at the Sapporo International Short Film Festival & Market and at the American Milwaukee Film Festival.

This month, the film "Of Animals and Men" by Łukasz Czajka will have its international premiere. The documentary will be presented at the Haifa International Film Festival and a couple days later also at the Jewish Film Festival in Australia.

Several Polish documentary films are included in the programme of the West Lake International Documentary Festival. The Chinese audience will watch the competition film "I Grew Up As You Slept" by Marcin Sauter and "Unconditional Love" by Rafał Łysak, and in the non-competing section,"In Touch."

In half of the month, three Polish documentary films will be presented to the participants of the dokumentART - the European Film Festival. "Dancing For You" by Katarzyna Lesisz, "In A Lion" by Karol Lindholm and "Horse Riders" by Anna Gawlita are invited to the competition sections there. The last of the aforementioned documentary films may win at the Italian Fano International Film Festival or at the Szczecin Film Festival, where "Dam" by Natalia Koniarz will also compete for the awards. At Doclisboa in Portugal a short documentary "And We'll Be Happy Again" by Krzysztof Wołżański will have its international premiere

This month, the film by Lindholm will have two more screenings. The first one, at the Ânûû-rû Âboro, and the second one, at the Filmets Badalona. Both can bring awards. The end of October may turn out to be lucky for the feature-length documentary film "The Idea is Paramount" by Jacek Link-Lenczewski. The film will be presented in the competition at the Milano Design Film Festival.

The full list of the festival screenings can be found here.