We know the list of projects invited to participate in the DOK Co-pro Market, held during the festival DOK Leipzig. Among them, there are three Polish productions.

The DOK Leipzig Co-Pro Market consists of two-day meeting sessions of film-makers with potential producers and co-producers. Their goal is to start co-operation and to help in finding the sources of financing for future documentary films. Apart from one-to-one meetings, the schedule of the Co-Production Market includes also joint debates and case studies, dedicated to the opportunities and challenges related to the international co-production market.

To this year's 15th edition of the DOK Co-Pro Market, three Polish documentary film projects are invited. One of them is the latest film by Eri Mizutani, "Grace," telling the story about the teacher of the dance ichigonomai. The holy rite is danced by the selected virgins in order to appease the Mount Fiji. The protagonist, as Anna Fam mentioned, is an exemplary example of a contemporary heroine.  The documentary film is a Polish-Finnish co-production.

Another qualified film is "The Last Expedition" by Eliza Kubarska. The film tells the story of the outstanding Polish Himalayan mountain climber Wanda Rutkiewicz. The documentary is a Polish-German-Swiss co-production. 

The last of the projects is "Together," directed by Marek Kozakiewicz, produced by Agnieszka Skalska, Koi Studio. The main protagonist of the documentary film is 14-year-old MiƂosz, who is looked after by his elder sister Agnieszka after the death of the mother. A new family structure is built, based on unconventional principles.  The film's participation in the market in Leipzig is the DOC LAB POLAND award for the special mention in the pitching Docs to Start during the KFF Industry at the Krakow Film Festival.

This year's edition of the DOK Leipzig Co-Pro Market starts on the 28th of October and lasts until the 3rd of November. 

The full list of the projects can be found here.