The project of the film "Lessons of Love" by Małgorzata Goliszewska and Katarzyna Mateja was awarded at this year's edition of the DOK.Incubator. The awards were given during the festival Nordisk Panorama, which is currently taking place.

The DOK.Incubator includes intensive, six-month international workshops dealing with editing, marketing and distribution. The workshops are divided into three three-week sessions: the first was held in April in the Czech Republic, another one took place in June in Slovakia, and the last, final one in Sweden, where, during the festival Nordisk Panorama, the award-winning projects were announced.

This year, only eight projects were selected to participate in the DOK.Incubator workshops.  One of them is the award-winning Polish production: "Lessons of Love" by Małgorzata Goliszewska and Katarzyna Mateja, the producer of which is Anna Stylińska. The Polish project won the award in the form of financial support for the post-production of the film.

Lessons of love

Dear husband, I devoted 40 years of my life to you, I gave birth to six children and raised them, and you were never by my side. Now I say: enough, this part of life is mine. Now I am having fun, dancing, singing and doing whatever I want, and you’d better mind your own business.

The project "Lessons of Love" has already been presented at the East Doc Platform and at the DOK Leipzig Coproduction Market. The project was developed within the frames of the programme DOC LAB POLAND and it participated in the pitchings held during the KFF Industry: Docs to Start, where it received the HBO Award, and in the pitching Docs to Go, where it won the COLOROFFON Award.

More information about the workshops and about the selected projects can be found on the website of the DOK.Incubator.