On the 14th of June ended the Shanghai International Film & TV Festival. The film "I Grew Up As You Slept" by Marcin Sauter was included among the festival's award-winners.

The Shanghai International Film & TV Festival is one of the most important and the largest film festivals in Asia. The festival was founded in 1986, and since 1988, it has been giving the award. During this edition of the festival, the Best Documentary film award went to the film "I Grew Up As You Slept" by Marcin Sauter.

The protagonist of the film "I Grew Up As You Slept" is Karalina, who emigrated from Belarus, just like the overwhelming majority of her friends from the music school. The director showed the fate of the young Belorussian intelligence in the form of a study on nostalgia - yearning for the family, the friends and the childhood depicted in idyllic colours. In the state television, president  Lukashenko assures that the graduates of Belorussian schools have a bright future ahead of them, however, the image of the province seems to contradict this optimistic diagnosis. The only whiff of encouragement is brought by a lorry with food, matches and vodka.

You can find more information about the event on the festival's website.