At the beginning of June, the winners of the Spotlight Documentary Film Awards were announced. Among the award-winners, there is the film "Desert Coffee" by Mykael Lypinski.

The aim of the Spotlight Documentary Film Awards is to promote independent film-makers by their participation in this unique competition. The organisers invite the best films from all over the world to take part in the competition. During the latest edition of the competition, the Spotlight Gold Award went to "Desert Coffee" by Mykael Lypinski.

"Desert Coffee" tells the story of the Californian part of the Sonoran Desert, in close vicinity of military bases, where a "wild" Slab City is located, inhabited by the refugees of "the American dream." They are of different ages, they brought different stories with them, but all of them chose freedom, even at the cost of the most basic comforts. Here, the only place with electricity is a makeshift Internet cafe run by Rob, serving "the best coffee in the neighbourhood."

The full list of the award-winning films is on the festival's website.