On Sunday October 7th the award ceremony of the Curtocircuito International Film Festival took place in Spain. A special mention in the competition was given to "Dust" by Jakub Radej.

"Dust" by Jakub Radej received a special mention from the RADAR Jury at Curtocircuito International Film Festival in the Spanish town of Santiago de Compostela.

"Dust" is a study of a way that every human body must follow from the moment of death to the funeral. In Jakub Radej’s film the consecutive stages of that way (dissecting room, morgue, cemetery) are juxtaposed with a bureaucratic approach to the property of the deceased. A detached account of the fate of material objects that belonged to the deceased is presented in an open structure, which may also include a question about the meaning of life and a reflection on the loneliness of people who have no one to bid them farewell.

More information about the festival can be found here.