The award ceremony of DocsMX Festival took place last weekend in Mexico. A documentary film "Desert Coffee" directed by Mikael Lypinski came back from the festival with a Special Mention.

DocsMX Festival is one of the most important documentary film festivals in Central America. For many years it had been known as DocsDF - Festival Internacional de Cine Documental de la Ciudad de México, yet after ten editions it decided to change its name.

During this year's festival a documentary film "Desert Coffee" by Mikael Lypinski received the Special Mention in the "Latitudes humanas" competition.

"Desert Coffee" takes place in the Californian part of the Sonoran desert, in the close vicinity of military bases, in a “wild” town called Slab City inhabited by the refugees from the American Dream. Of different age, they brought with them various stories, but all chose freedom, even for the price of the most basic comforts. The only place equipped with electricity is a makeshift Internet café run by Rob, which serves “the best coffee in the neighbourhood”.

The full list of the awarded films is available on the DocsMX website.