Producers from Poland will take part in the Match Me! workshops during the 71st MFF in Locarno. Among them is Karolina Galuba from Furia Film, who during the workshops will be developing a project of a documentary film.

Match Me! workshops take place together with the International Film Festival in Locarno. This year's fourth edition of the event will last from August 3rd to 5th. The workshops will be attended by producers from Brazil, Estonia, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Mexico, Switzerland and Poland. Thanks to the cooperation with the Polish Film Institute Poland will be represented by three producers: Ewa Szwarc (Kosmos Production), Marta Gmosińska (Lava Films) and Karolina Galuba (Furia Film). Furia Film will be also represented by Małgorzata Małysa.

Karolina Galuba, a translator and PR specialist by training, for many years had been a producer in the German television ARD/ZDF. Since 2015 together with Małgorzata Małysa they have been managing their own production company FURIA Film. The first film they single-handedly produced premiered at Berlinale, the second is co-produced by HBO and with the third one - "Tony Halik. Born for Adventure" documentary project - they have just been invited to Locarno.

"Tony Halik. Born for Adventure" is a story about a crazy traveller, fearless journalist and charming mythomaniac. In the documentary we get to know Tony Halik - the only window to the world that Poland had in the communist times; a man that made the line between truth and lies his place on earth.

More information about the workshops is available on the festival website: www.pardo.ch.