The winners of the Curtas Vila do Conde Festival have just been announced. One of the awards went to Eri Mizutani’s film "Their Voices".

Curtas Vila do Conde International Film Festival is one of the most prestigious short film festivals in Portugal. During this year’s 26th edition of the event a documentary film by Eri Mizutani "Their Voices" won the Best European Film School Prize in Take One! competition.

In her movie Eri Mizutani invites us to experience a mysterious world, carefully hidden from us behind the walls of a Polish boarding school. The young students have their own magical world, hardly accessible to others. By a subtle observation and without a spoken word we follow their everyday life throughout the year. While getting to know their habits, gestures and facial expressions we discover an environment full of acceptance, understanding and carefreeness - so different from the world outside. Film allows us to share the children’s emotions, their visions of the world and eventually - to hear their voices.