We know the results of the latest session of the Board of Directors of the Eurimages Fund. Among the projects which will get the fund's support, there is the documentary film "Scars" by Agnieszka Zwiefka.

Eurimages is a fund which supports European cinema; in particular, it co-finances co-production activities. The main prerequisite for applying to the fund is the necessity for the participation of at least two co-producers from at least two member states of the Fund in a given project. In this session, the fund decided to award the grants to 23 feature-film projects, 6 documentary film projects and one animated film project. The projects supported in this session will receive a total of 6 447 783 €.

"Scars," directed by Agnieszka Zwiefka, is a Polish-Dutch-German co-production, with the cinematography by Kacper Czubak. This documentary film presents the story of Vetrichelvi. For Tamils, her name means "Lady Victory," though for the authorities of Sri Lanka, she is a terrorist under constant supervision. She had been the fighter of Tamil Tiger for 18 years, after she joined the terrorist organisation when she was 17. Recently, she left prison and she has just started a journey through contemporary Sri Lanka and Europe. She wants to find her fellow fighters, 9 closest friends with whom she shared the times of the war and who became her family, tell the world the unknown story of these women and come face to face with her own past. Even if she has to risk her own life.

During the 25-year-long war, Vetrichelvi lost her arm and her eye, but also became famous in her country as a rebellious poet and a radical ideologist of the movement, the radio announcer, nicknamed the Voice of the Tigers. Today, after many years spent in prison, she sets out on a journey which will lead her not only to far-away corners of Sri Lanka, but also to Europe. The project was shown within the  frames of Works in Progress at the 71st IFF in Cannes within the frames of the initiative Doc Alliance – the partnership of six European documentary film festivals. The film was also included in the competition industry section at the 53rd IFF in Karlovy Vary - Docs in Progress.

The producers of the latest film by Agnieszka Zwiefka are Kloos & co. Ost Ug (Germany), Chilli Productions (Poland) and Witfilm (the Netherlands).

source: www.coe.int & www.pisf.pl