Summer is at its peak, and at the festivals it is slowly getting hotter. This month, Polish documentary films will be shown, among others, at the Jecheon Film Festival in South Korea and at the Madedox in Macedonia. Let's see where else can you watch Polish productions?

In August, many festivals are held in the Balkans, and that is why it is in this region where it is worthwhile to search for the screenings of Polish documentary films. On the 1st of August, starts the festival Herzeg Novi in Montenegro, where you can watch "The Sisters" by Michał Hytroś, three days later starts the DokuFest Kosovo, at which "Zhalanash – Empty Shore" by Marcin Sauter and "The Prince and the Dybbuk" by Elwira Niewiera and Piotr Rosołowski will be shown, and the following week, at the Sarejevo Film Festival in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the film "Dust" by Jakub Radej will appear. In the Republic of Macedonia, the programme Meet the Poles! awaits the viewers; it is a large review of both the latest and classic Polish documentary films. You can read more about the screenings here.

To the programme of the Wilde Möhre Festival in Germany, the film "Close Ties" by Zofia Kowalewska is invited, and the selectors of the Concorto Film Festival in Italy decided to show the viewers "Euphoria" by Natalia Pietsch. Four Polish documentary films will feature in Denmark at the Odense Film Festival. These are: "Too-Tash" by Dariusz Sipowski, "Dust," "Volte" by Karolina Poryzała and Monika Kotecka and "American Dream" by Marek Skrzecz.

Polish documentary films will also appear outside Europe. In Asia, at the Jecheon Film Festival in South Korea, you can watch "Festival" by Anna Gawlita and Tomasz Wolski as well as "Leocadia's Dream" by Krzysztof Nowicki. In the United States, at the Defy Film Festival, "Two Worlds" by Maciej Adamek will be shown.

The up-to-date list of festival screenings is available here.