Docu Talents from the East is a programme thanks to which film-makers working on documentary film projects will be able to show them during the festival in Karlovy Vary. This year, two Polish projects and one Polish co-production will participate in Docu Talents.

The directors and producers of the twelve feature-length documentary film projects, selected to participate in the programme Docu Talents from the East, will have an opportunity to show their projects to the guests at the Film Festival in Karlovy Vary. The presentations will be held within the frames of the festival's Industry section, and each of them will last 8 minutes.

At this year's edition of Docu Talents from the East, there is a co-production in which as many as five countries are involved, including Poland. Apart from Poland, the project is produced also in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Bulgaria. "Occupation 1968" also has five directors, and one of them is Magdalena Szymków. The film is meant to present the view on the occupation of Czechoslovakia by the countries of the Warsaw Pact, seen from five different points of view - the five countries, which participated in the events.

The programme Docu Talents from the East has been organised since 2005 jointly by Jihlava Documentary Film Festival and the International Film Festival Karlovy Vary. The aim of the meeting is to attract the attention of professionals from the international film industry, visiting the festival in Karlovy Vary, which is classified as class A festival.

More details on the website of the organiser.