Another success of the film "Two Worlds." The documentary film by Maciej Adamek won the best feature-length documentary film award at the Greenpoint Film Festival in New York City.

This is yet another award for the film in the USA.  Recently, the documentary film was awarded at New York Festivals , and earlier at Rhode Island Film Festival,  Harlem Film Festival, Chicago Children Film Festival and United Nations Association Film Festival.

"Two Worlds" is a portrait of a family in which the parents are deaf, and their daughter Laura can hear. It is the 12-year-old Laura who is our guide through their lives. Non-typical life, but at the same time ordinary like the life of every family.  

The film was co-financed by the Polish Film Institute. The film is produced by Jacek Kucharski from Metro Films and TVP 2.

The author of cinematography is Mateusz Skalski, and editing - Sławek Goździk. 

More information about the festival is on the website.