On April 25, during the Swiss festival Visions du Réel, the Docs in Progress award was given to the best documentary film at the last stage of production. The award went to the Polish work-in-progress "White Cube."

Docs in Progress is a presentation of documentary film projects at the last stage of film-making. The presentation takes place in front of a group of invited festival selectors, distributors, producers, marketing specialists etc.

This year, Docs in Progress was held on April 25, and within its frames, 6 projects were presented. First, the authors of the selected projects briefly talked about their films and showed excerpts of the films. After the presentation, a discussion and individual meetings were held.

In the evening of the same day, the award ceremony took place. "White Cube" by Wojciech Pustoła, produced by Marta Golba (Endorfina Studio) was chosen the best project in this section.

White Cube:

For centuries, on the border between Liguria and Tuscany, life has revolved around "the white gold" - marble. Carrara is a mecca for sculptors, the sanctuary of traditional artisanal handicraft, where the stone is treated with an almost religious respect, and the craftsmanship of processing it is elevated to the level of art.

It was so until the moment when ... a robot rocketed to the Carrara scene. Antropomorfo, because this is how it is called, is a machine which perfectly reproduces in marble any form generated by the computer.

The film "White Cube" shows a group of people fully immersed in the deepening conflict between the conservative and the progressive trend in the contemporary art.

The project was presented during the pitching DOCS TO GO! at Krakow Film Festival.

You can read more about Docs in Progress on the website.