The last week brought new awards for the documentary film "Communion" by Anna Zamecka. The film was appreciated in Turkey and Germany.

On the 14th of May, ended the 32nd DOK.fest International Documentary Film Festival in Munich. There, "Communion" was given the prestigious award SOS-Kinderdorfer Weltweit 2017.

In Istanbul, the winners of the TRT Documentary Awards were announced. The Best Documentary, that is, the main award, also went to "Communion."

"Communion" is a documentary film about 14-year-old Ola, who not only takes care of the ineffective father, autistic brother and the mother who lives separately; but most of all, she tries to bring the family together. She lives with the hope that she would be able to bring her mother back home. The pretext to meet her is the Holy Communion of the 13-year-old Nikodem, and Ola assumes full responsibility for preparing an ideal family celebration. Nikodem himself observes the struggles of his loved ones from his own, unusual perspective.