Three producers from Poland will take part in Match Me! workshops during the 70th MFF in Locarno. Among them there is Maria Krauss, documentary producer.

Match Me! workshops are a part of International Film Festival in Locarno. This year's 3rd edition of the workshops will last three days from 4th till 6th of August. It will be attended by producers from: Brazil, Chile, Israel, Italy, Mexico, Switzerland and Poland. Thanks to a partnership with the Polish Film Institute Poland will be represented by three producers: Dominika Osak (Badi Badi, animation), Izabela Igel (Harine Films, feature) and Maria Krauss (Plesnar & Krauss Films, documentary).

Maria Krauss is a co-founder of production company Plesnar & Krauss FILMS. She is a producer of various film including "Dramas" (dir. Zvika Portnoy) which premiered at the 57th Krakow Film Festival. Currently she's producing following films: "Czeski Pepik jedzie do Polski odkrywać miłość do Boga" (dir. Vit Klusak), "Trilobite" (dir. Julia Popławska) and "Transfer" (dir. Joanna Rożen).

"Trilobite" takes place on the edge of the Sahara, in the Maroccan region of Erfoud. The main protagonist, Yoseff, as many of the indigenous people of the Sahara region, earns his living by collecting and selling fossils. Rare specimens can be sold even for thousands of dollars. The edge of Sahara is also a workplace for paleontologists. They came here in a search of a treasure - a rare specimen of trilobite, which will gain the attention of the world of science. Scientists' works turn out to be successful, they find the precious fossil – the TRILOBITE.

"Transfer" is a documentary film which this year has been developed and presented at DOC LAB POLAND in a section DOCS TO START. The story revolves around two cases of in vitro fertilization treatment: the pioneer one, administered 30 years ago, and the present one, which will be performed by the very same professor Kuczyński on the film protagonist. The third IVF treatment presented in the movie was few years ago received by the director herself. Today Rożen is not afraid to go back to Białystok to make this movie. There are a few questions, she needs answers for.

More information about the workshops is available at the Festival website: www.pardo.ch.