Eliza Kubarska's documentary continues to be showered with awards. The film has just been appreciated by jurors at two festivals. The first Grand Prix was awarded at the Alpin Film Festival in Romania and the second at the ECHO Mountain Film Festival in Macedonia.

The Alpin Film Festival is a cultural event that takes place in several Romanian towns and cities, bringing together mountain related cinema, literature, and photography. Every year, the audience gets the opportunity to see international productions devoted to subject. You can learn more about the festival here.

The ECHO Film Festival is a film and photography event held in the capital of Macedonia with a focus on mountains, climbing, and the local environment.  The festival programme includes film screenings, meetings with filmmakers, film protagonists, and mountain lovers. More about the event can be found here.

The main awards of both events went to Eliza Kubarska for “The Wall of Shadows”. The film centres around a family of Sherpas, Nepali porters who break a taboo by taking part in an expedition to Kumbhakarna – the holy mountain of the Sherpas. It's the only way to earn money for their son’s education and save him from dangerous work in the mountains. World's best mountaineers take part in the expedition to one of the most difficult mountains in the world, reaching almost 8,000 meters. The holy mountain confronts both the climbers and Sherpas with equal harshness.