We've just learned the list of projects participating in the DOK.Incubator workshop. The selection includes one Polish title.

DOK.Incubator is an intensive six-month-long international workshop on film editing, marketing, and distribution. The workshop is divided into three-week-long sessions: the first will be held at the end of April in Slovakia, the next in June in the Czech Republic, and the last in September. Exact dates and locations will be announced in May.

Man of Marble is a bittersweet story about love and struggle. Remik is fighting for the love of Magda and their son Franek while facing alcohol addiction. Magda – his ex-partner and a very young mother – has to grow up quickly to look after their baby. Together, will they manage to break out of the family's vicious cycle of alcohol addiction and give Franek a better life? Katarzyna Kuca and Aneta Zagórska from the Krakow Film Cluster are producing the film. 

A list of all selected projects can be found here.